designed by nature.

Day and night, electromagnetic waves exist between the Earth and the ionosphere. Moreover, on the daytime side, the amplitude of electromagnetic waves is 10 times higher than on the nighttime side.

Thus, over billions of years, nature has created the most effective program that regulates the daily biorhythms of all life on Earth.

Patented by Deep.
simulation of sunrise
and sunset
The Deep cube generates pulses of an electromagnetic field at frequencies from 1 to 40 Hz and an intensity of less than 20 μT. Impulses in the range of 1-20 Hz stimulate deep sleep of a human being, and in the range of 20-40 Hz they make sleep lighter and wakening from it becomes more comfortable. Scientific research
Set up sleep again.

A human being does not always follow what nature tells him, coming up with his own rules and procedures, as a result, the sleep of any modern person is subject to disturbances.

The mother rocks the baby in order to create a rhythm, soothe and help sleep.
Meditation and light music can also create a rhythm and help calm the mind and tune in to sleep.
Sleeping pills and antidepressants suppress and reduce the activity of the nervous system, helping to sleep

To maintain quality sleep, the human brain develops a special rhythm, but stress, hyperactivity, an unhealthy lifestyle knock it out of this rhythm.

Cube Deep naturally, safely, silently at a distance helps to calm down the brain and with the help of electromagnetic impulses return it to the nature-like rhythm necessary for healthy sleep.